DKPro - Dedicated build job for documentation

A fast-lane for the documentation

Maintaining documentation along with the code is a great thing because that way you make sure you always have proper documentation for each version you have release, not only for the latest as in the typical wiki-based documentation. And here, asciidoc and the asciidoc-maven-plugin provide a great service because you can actually build the docs as part of regular builds with Jenkins or Travis or the likes, and provide up-to-date documentation on your website even for the latest SNAPSHOT versions.

However, while a build is running, the links to the documentation usually do not work - and builds can run for quite a while and be triggered often.

The workaround is adding a separate fast build specifically for the documentation module - and this is what we are going to do now using Jenkins and the DocLinks Plugin:

  • Setting up the build
    • Create a new Maven build for your project
    • Enter the repository URL
    • Configure your build trigger (e.g. Poll SCM)
    • In the Build section, use the goal -pl my-doc-module clean package
      • Replace my-doc-module with the name of the module that contains your asciidoc
      • The -pl my-doc-module argument makes sure to only build that single module of your multi-module project
    • Save
  • Publishing the documentation
    • Click on the Modules link in the left sidebar
    • Locate your documentation module and click on it
    • Within the module, click on Configure in the left sidebar
    • Activate Publish documents
    • Add your documentation, e.g.
      • Title: User Guide and Reference
      • Directory to archive: target/generated-docs
      • Index file: user-guide.html
    • Save

The next time you run a build, you will find links to the generated documentation within the module. So again, if you are looking at your project (not at the latest build, but at the general project page), click again on Modules and on your documentation module. The links are listed under Document links.