DKPro TC - Setup

We discuss here briefly how to setup DKPro TC. The following programs are required for this tutorial.

  • Java JDK v8+
  • Eclipse
  • Maven 3
  • Git

Setting up Maven

To make sure that all DKPro Snapshot dependencies are found, you have to configure Maven to look in the DKPro repositories for the Snapshot versions. This is done by adding entries into the settings.xml of Maven.

Go to your home directory and enter the folder .m2. This folder is by default hidden, depending the settings of your operating system, the folder might not be visible. If you have not used Maven before, this folder might not exist yet, in this case create a .m2 folder. In this folder, a settings.xml might already exist. If it does not exist yet, create one and copy this content into the settings.xml and activate this out-commented line <!--activeProfile>ukp-oss-snapshots</activeProfile-->. The content of the linked settings.xml has to be merged into an existing file accordingly.

Importing DKPro TC

It is most easiest to import DKPro by cloning the repository on the command line. Feel free to use other programs to clone repositories such as SourceTree or similar, we use here basic command line way which works on all operating systems.

Open a command line prompt and change to a directory where you want to store DKPro TC clone the online repository by typing: git clone In Eclipse, choose via the menu Import -> Import as Maven Project and choose the folder to which DKPro TC was cloned in the previous step and follow the further instructions, make sure to select all sub-projects of DKPro TC.

Initial Import

Once the import of DKPro TC into the Eclipse workspace was started, it will take a short while until DKPro TC is ready to be used. Maven will download all necessary dependencies from the Internet on your local computer that are used by DKPro TC. Depending on the speed of your computer and the bandwidth of your Internet connection, this might take some time. It its reasonable to expect 30 minutes for the initial import.

First Steps

Open the examples project dkpro-tc-examples and open the package in which you will find an executable, minimal, working example MinimalWorkingExample. In the same project, a large number of different project configuration is found that demonstrate some of the rich variety in which DKPro TC an be used.